Our Firm Will Handle The Complicated Tax World While You Focus Your Energies Elsewhere

Rood CPAs enjoy collaborating with and creating effective tax strategies for their clients. These tailored strategies are built around the client’s individuality, short and long-term goals and the current and ever-developing tax environment. Your story is unique; let us navigate your financial complexities together and develop the most advantageous tax strategy for you. We have provided a brief individual tax services list below:

  • Effective tax planning
  • Income tax compliance

  • Complex tax consulting

  • Stock Option Planning - Pre/Post IPO
  • Alternative minimum tax (AMT) guidance

  • Passive activity loss analysis

  • Maximum deduction utilization

  • Retirement plan opportunities

  • Tax audit representation

  • Handling of government correspondence


Insight into our tax preparation process

So you’re a business owner and/or inspired expert within your industry. Rood CPAs understand your entrepreneurial spirit and will work to bridge any disconnects between those passions and the financial and taxation logistics that accompany business ownership. Whether you’re a veteran or new and of limited experience with business taxation and accounting principles, you can count on our experienced team of business savvy professionals for both a quality product and a partner to growth with. Invest your time on perfecting your craft; we’ll bring you up to speed on the numbers. Here are some of the business services we offer:

  • Effective tax planning

  • Review of accounting to verify accuracy and advise accordingly

  • Income tax compliance for corporate, partnership and trust entities

  • Complex tax consulting

  • Analyzing federal and state tax credit opportunities

  • Nexus issues

  • Tax audit representation

  • Handling government correspondence

We understand that non-profits and trade associations have special needs and should be treated differently than for-profit businesses. That is why we take great care in mentioning that our firm has serviced non-profits and trade associations for decades. We make it our mission to ensure your organization is receiving the best possible services from our experienced tax professionals. Here is a brief list of industry tax services:

  • Accounting assistance

  • Federal and state tax returns

  • State registration maintenance

  • Unrelated business income tax (UBI)